5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Dental Implants

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Missing teeth are a problem. Their absence interrupts the beauty of your smile, whether you’re missing a prominent tooth or a less noticeable molar, and interferes with the quality of your oral health. Dental implants have made tooth replacement easy and effective – but there are plenty more reasons to be thankful for this dental restoration.

1. Maintain your face shape.

Over time, missing teeth will affect the shape of a person’s face, especially if you are missing multiple teeth in the same area or an entire arch of teeth. This bone loss, known as facial collapse, causes the jawbone to shrink, actually changing the shape of your face and jaw. The result: You look older than you are. Dental implants replace the root of the tooth as well as the crown, which means the jawbone is stimulated properly, preventing bone loss.

2. Eat confidently from now on.

One of the most frustrating things about missing teeth is when their absence impacts the performance of the rest of your teeth. Chewing ability is compromised, food gets stuck, other teeth have the work harder to get the job done, leading to worn enamel and other oral health problems. When you have dental implants, they are firmly and securely rooted in your mouth, acting just like a normal tooth would. You can bite and chew confidently without worrying about the restoration moving out of place.

3. Budget-friendly restorations.

Any dental surgery can make a patient wary, particularly because of cost. However, affordable dental implants are an option. Snap-on dentures save about half the cost, using only two dental implants instead of four to six implants for the restoration.

4. No adhesives, no slipping teeth.

If you’re missing teeth, you may be reluctant to replace them because you don’t want your Arlington dentist to recommend dentures – and all that comes with them, including adhesive, the threat of slipping teeth, and a covered palate. However, modern dentures aren’t so bad, especially when they’re combined with dental implants. Snap-on dentures can be snapped to the dental implants after the jawbone and surgical and surgical site have healed, making them feel more like natural teeth and a stable tooth replacement option.

5. Restore your natural smile.

Ultimately, what patients want from dental implants is twofold – a smile that looks better and works better. Dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth. You brush and floss as usual, see your Arlington dentist for checkups and teeth cleanings twice a year as usual. Everything about dental implants, once they’re in place, is secure. This long-term, healthy solution replaces missing teeth and maintains a youthful appearance.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Dental implants imitate nature from the root up, but they aren’t right for every patient, especially those who have extreme bone loss. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Alana Macalik, Arlington dentist, to discuss all tooth replacement options, including dentures and dental bridges, and find out the solution that is best for your oral health, lifestyle, and budget. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.