Emergency Dentist

Do You Really Have a Dental Emergency?

dental emergency arlington dentist dr alana macalik

A dental problem is the last thing you want to worry about when you’re following stay-at-home orders. But if you develop a problem, it’s important to know the difference between a minor dental issue and a true dental emergency. Some things can wait – others can’t. You might need emergency dental care and an in-person Do You Really Have a Dental Emergency?

4 Times You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

Getting a tooth pulled is more involved than just giving a good tug. Though your Arlington dentist does everything possible to save your natural tooth, sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary to maintain good oral health, or at least get you on the path to healthy teeth and gums.

Marijuana & Dental Work

I have a prescription for medical marijuana which I use for anxiety. I broke a tooth and will be booking with an emergency dentist in a couple of days and will be utilizing my prescription in the meantime. I am curious to know if this will matter to the emergency dentist. Can he refuse to Marijuana & Dental Work