Dental Care Resolutions for the New Year

dental care resolutions arlington dentist

Plenty of people make resolutions when the New Year rolls around, but it can be difficult to get these promises to stick. This year, choose resolutions that are easier to keep – and good for you at the same time. Make your dental care a priority and you’ll satisfy your goals and maintain a healthy smile too.

Keep Your Dental Appointments

It can be tempting to skip a dental cleaning and check-up because you’re busy. But it’s important to see your dentist every six months no matter what. These appointments ensure that your teeth and gums get a thorough scouring, your oral health gets a good looking over, and any developing problems are addressed before they become dental emergencies. This is one New Year’s resolutions that’s simple to keep – you only have to make good on it twice a year.

Replace a Missing Tooth

Do you have a missing tooth? More specifically, do you have a missing molar? You may think this tooth’s absence is no big deal since it isn’t always noticeable, but plenty of problems can develop from a missing tooth. Eventually, the area where the tooth once was will be susceptible to a change in face shape, the missing root and unstimulated jawbone leading to a sunken-in area.

When you have a missing molar, the neighboring teeth also have to work to make up for that tooth’s share of the biting and chewing work. This can lead to worn enamel and even cracked or broken teeth. Sometimes, nearby teeth will move out of place to fill the hole the missing tooth left behind, interfering with your alignment. Resolve to replace that missing tooth with a dental implant – the easy, effective, and permanent solution.

See Your Dentist ASAP in an Emergency

You don’t need to have a tooth knocked out to warrant an emergency call to the dentist. If you are experiencing a severe toothache, are grinding your teeth so badly you wake every night with a serious headache, or have swollen and tender gums, get in touch with your Arlington dentist right away. Some problems might seem like things you can just live with or wait out until they go away, but real dental issues don’t go away on their own.

One of the best resolutions you can make is promising to get your dentist’s help and expertise to make a diagnosis and fix it immediately to save you pain and effort and far more complicated dental care.

If you want your resolution to result in a better-looking, more attractive version of yourself, then make this the year of the smile makeover. You can quickly upgrade your smile with cosmetic dentistry like professional teeth whitening, or opt for a more in-depth but longer-lasting makeover like customized porcelain veneers. Ultimately, whatever smile changes you make, they will be for the better.

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