Dentist Recommended: Non-Candy Treats for Halloween

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In the not-too-distant past, people who didn’t want to hand out chocolate or sugary sweets to trick-or-treaters offered candy alternatives like apples or popcorn. Groan. Not popular with kids, plus it could be argued that at least one of these is rough on the teeth and the other should not be given out because it isn’t individually packaged. Don’t be scared of tricks from today’s kids – they’re easy to please and love creative non-candy treats to add to their Halloween haul. This is dental care at its finest.

Slap Bracelets

Who doesn’t love a little extra Halloween accessory? Slap bracelets have been around for decades and they’ve become even more creative. Select them by color or theme, slap one on a trick-or-treater, and send them on their way. It’s a toy that’ll keep them busy for days and away from the candy bowl – and cavities.


Whether big or little, animal- or food-themed, squishies are the hot commodity of today’s little generation. Kids love to take out their frustrations on these lovable characters. It’s even better if you can find Halloween-themed squishies and let your trick-or-treaters select their favorite one. Or suggest they squeeze it while Mom or Dad pulls out their loose tooth.

Anything That Lights Up

LED finger lights and mini flashlights are endless light-up favors. You’ll not only delight a kid with a toy that has some serious longevity, you’ll please their parents by gifting them with a toy that will make them more visible as they haunt through the neighborhood on Halloween night. Glow bracelets and necklaces don’t last as long, but they’re an excellent option too and easy and inexpensive to buy in bulk.


Every trick-or-treater can use an eraser, whether they actually plan to pop it in their school box and use it or simply play with it as a toy. The great thing is that erasers come in so many shapes and sizes. Some are 3D, others are puzzles, still more are scented. If you can get these guys individually wrapped too, even better. You may even want to look for tooth-shaped erasers – now that’s some serious dental care.


Who doesn’t love a wall of bubbles to run through? On Halloween, if every kid in your neighborhood gets bubbles from you they can create a festive storm for everyone to enjoy. Give out the big bubbles or find pocket-sized ones. No matter the age of your trick-or-treaters, this gift wins.

Dental Care for Halloween

There is no need to completely stop your kids from enjoying a little candy on Halloween. Even dentists realize it’s impossible to say no. Everyone deserves a little fun. It is important though to be smart about what you’re eating if your kid has Invisalign Teen, loose teeth, or is prone to cavities (and this goes for you too, adults). The only way to avoid tooth decay entirely is to avoid sweets. But if you must indulge, make sure there is plenty of quality brushing and flossing happening afterward.

Just remember the most important thing on Halloween, whether you’re handing out candy, collecting candy, or love someone who’s doing either – brush and floss really well before bed. Don’t want any ghouls to haunt you in the night. And if you need a thorough cleaning or check-up soon after, schedule a consultation at Dr. Alana Macalik’s dental office in Arlington, TX.