My Dentist Ruined My Smile

Arlington lumineers

I don’t know what to do. I told my dentist about this huge opportunity I have to make a presentation. This could make my career. I’d mentioned wanting to freshen up my teeth with some whitening to make a good impression. He told me he’s a Lumineers certified dentist and he’d like me to consider going all out with a total smile makeover. The idea was tempting and I went for it. It’s one of the single worse decisions I’ve ever made in my life. First, they’re horribly bulky. So bulky I look like I have horse teeth and it’s impossible for me to speak correctly. They’re also opaque looking. I can’t give the presentation like this. What do I do? Can I just get rid of them and go back to my teeth whitening idea?

Christine H.

Dear Christine,

Unfortunately, once you have porcelain veneers they really need to be replaced with porcelain veneers. Teeth whitening won’t be an option. They’re bonded on so getting them off will slightly deface the enamel of your teeth. The veneers protect your enamel.

I’m sad you’re in this situation. The Lumineers brand is highly marketed to inexperienced cosmetic dentists as being easy to place. Unfortunately, placing is different than making beautiful. And even more unfortunately, the “certification” process is basically a simple written exam after sitting through a short seminar. That often results in sub-par or disastrous smile makeovers.

I’d simply ask your dentist for a refund and then go to a more experienced cosmetic dentist in order to have the makeover re-done. Porcelain veneers really can be stunningly beautiful and you can wow them at the conference.

This time, before agreeing to the work, look at a cosmetic dentist’s smile gallery to see what type of results they get. If you’re not wowed by their work, move on to another dentist.

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