I expected my Lumineers to be white… not blue!

I had Lumineers done a couple months ago and I was so excited. It took me a while to save up, but I had all six of my front teeth done. I felt really strong about the Lumineers brand because I heard good things about them and didn’t want to have my teeth shaved down like I would have needed for porcelain veneers. It seemed like a win-win. Well, right after I had them done, while I was still in the office, I noticed that two of them didn’t match the others perfectly. They had kind of a dingy gray look. The dentist told me that it was just the lighting and assured me they looked fine. I’ve been watching them and the color seems to be getting worse. Just those two and they seem to be blue, more than anything now. Could I have gotten a defective batch? How do I fix the color now? — Pam


It’s not likely that you got a bad batch, as every set of Lumineers is custom-shaded for each patient and should be an exact match for your other teeth.

However, they are very thin, which means that any discoloration underneath them can show through. It’s possible that what you’re seeing is some kind of bonding agent below it, though the color seems off for that. More than likely, your dentist didn’t get a good seal when he cemented them on. When this happens, food and beverages can seep under and cause discolorations.

It will be next to impossible to get the Lumineers off again without breaking them, so you’ll need to check in with your dentist to see what the best course of action is. He may be willing to cover the costs of replacing them because they are so new. However, he may also want to wait a while to see if they come off on their own. If they come off intact, they can be cleaned off and recemented properly and the color will match your other restorations.

It’s best to follow up with your dentist and give him the opportunity to correct it. If he’s difficult about it or refuses to admit there’s a problem, get a second opinion from a cosmetic dentist in your area. Often times, the second opinion or consult will be free, but you’ll have to pay to have the work redone if you choose to go to another office for it.

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