Is pulling a decayed baby molar the best treatment for my daughter?

My six-year-old has had some problems with cavities and she has two broken baby molars as a result of significant decay. Our dentist has suggested that we remove them as soon as possible. I just want to be sure this is our only option and that it is the best thing to do for her. — Corrine

Unlike an adult tooth in this type of situation where a root canal is the recommended treatment, a dentist has to treat and infected baby tooth differently – especially a molar. Removing the teeth is absolutely the best option. Depending on which molars they are, did your dentist mention anything about using space maintainers to keep her permanent molars from drifting or blocking her permanent premolars? If he hasn’t mentioned them, you need to question him about it because they are absolutely necessary since your daughter is under 10 years old. If he says they are not necessary, you need to find another dentist.

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