Jumpstart Your Career with a Smile Makeover

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No one puts their photo on their resume, but that doesn’t mean your appearance doesn’t influence your job prospects. If how you look doesn’t affect your career success, there would be no need for new clothes and careful grooming. Appearance – particularly your smile – has a big impact on job prospects and achievements. Are your teeth helping you or hurting you?

4 Professional Situations When You Should Consider a Career Smile Makeover

There are times in your professional life when your smile can be the difference between success and failure. Here are just some of the situations that should have you thinking about doing something to upgrade your smile.

1. You want a promotion. If you’ve worked with the same people for years, they know you, they know what you’re capable of, they expect certain output from you. However, they are also used to your look – imagine the boost to your chances of being the one to land the promotion if you walk through familiar doors smiling widely and confidently with beautiful teeth. A smile makeover will have you standing out among your peers and colleagues for all the right reasons.

2. You’re interviewing. You know how important it is to check all the boxes when you settle in for an interview – you look good to them on paper or else you wouldn’t have been offered an opportunity to sell yourself further. Now that you’re in front of an interviewer, they’ll be looking at your overall appearance, from clothes to hair, makeup to posture – and they can’t help but notice your smile or wonder why you might be hiding it.

3. You just graduated. School is over. You have the education. Now you need the experience. You’re selling yourself to every potential employer with whom you interview. Your answers and enthusiasm are an essential part of the equation, but if you’re sporting a smile that makes you look unhealthy or prevents you from looking the part, your likelihood of being offered a job will dwindle. If you’re young and have an unsightly smile, you’ll find yourself behind before your career even begins.

4. You work face-to-face with people. Teacher, salesperson, attorney, customer service – whatever type of work you do that has you interacting with people up close and personal every day, your smile better reflect your abilities. If your teeth are broken down, stained, or unattractive in any way, you’ll feel self-conscious. Your confidence in selling a product, message, or argument will take a hit.

Get a Customized Career Smile Makeover in Arlington, Texas

Education and experience are non-negotiables for nearly every job, but a good smile is a must-have no matter what you do for work. After all, if you can’t be bothered to take care of your smile, how can you convince others that you’re the reliable party to do the job, manage their needs, and simply succeed?

It’s time to improve your odds of having the kind of career you want. Don’t let your smile be a detriment, make it an asset, whether you need to straighten your teeth, whiten your teeth, or replace missing teeth. Get started on your customized career smile makeover in Arlington, Texas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alana Macalik.