My Lumineer went – pop!

I am so annoyed! I got Lumineers a couple months ago and today, one of them broke in half a fell off. All I did was yawn and as my mouth closed, I felt it break and pop off. I called my dentist and haven’t heard anything back, so I decided to go straight to the company. They told me the dentist should replace it at no charge. When I asked about a refund, she pretty much blew me off and kept talking about replacing it. It’s been several days and I still haven’t heard from my dentist. Is a refund out of the question? — Simon

Lumineers are strong, but they can break – especially if they are not bonded to the tooth correctly or if the bite is not properly adjusted. A refund is probably not your legal right, but if you do request one, it should come from the dentist, not Lumineers. You can certainly talk with him and see what he’s willing to do for you, but more than likely he’ll lean toward just replacing it.

When starting the Lumineers process, did your dentist mention how many cases he’s successfully done? Did he show you before and after pictures of actual patients or share testimonials? These are all ways that you as a patient can determine the dentist’s skill and experience. It could have simply been a fluke and hopefully he can replace it and it won’t happen again. If it does break again, your best bet is to seek out another dentist who has more experience and expertise so you can avoid it happening a third time. Good luck!

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