Lumineers Nightmare

I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars to have Lumineers done across my four front teeth. They didn’t feel right from the moment my dentist put them on, but he told me I’d adjust. Sadly, I have not been given the opportunity, because the darn things keep falling off. Seriously, not two days later after they were put on I was back in the office having one of them put on again. A couple days later, another one popped off. This has been going on for months and I don’t think I’ve gone two weeks without having to go back in. I just finished eating dinner and I realized my teeth felt funny, so I went and looked and two of them are gone. TWO! I think I must have swallowed them with dinner. That a concern for obvious reasons, but I’m also worried the dentist is going to charge me for a whole new set because I don’t have anything for him to glue back on this time. I really wish I had never had them done in the first place. What should I do?

Peter L. – Columbus, Ohio


What a nightmare! First, let me say that although we’re not the biggest Lumineers fans, this is totally the fault of your dentist, not the Lumineers brand. It’s painfully obvious he doesn’t know the proper way to bond veneers.

He shouldn’t charge you to have more made. They shouldn’t have fallen off once, let alone the myriad of times you’ve had to return to have them rebonded.

If I were in your position, I’d demand a refund. There is no reason you should be interrupting your schedule to return to his office repeatedly to have them rebonded. Then, run to a different dentist to have them re-done. You need someone with more expertise.

Check out their smile galleries. Ask about their cosmetic training. If it was all in dental school and maybe a Lumineers certification, that’s not enough. It takes significant post-graduate training to create beautiful smiles.

Also, look for someone who, like Dr. Macalik, offers a beautiful smile guarantee.

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