Make Your Own Luck with a Smile Makeover

lucky smile makeover dr alana macalik

You may not have gotten lucky with your original dental DNA, but you can change things now with a customized smile makeover. There is always a way to transform your teeth to give you the look you’ve always wanted, and luck has nothing to do with it – it’s all about determination, knowledge, and aligning yourself with an excellent cosmetic dentist.

A Perfect Smile Has Nothing to Do with Luck

People who wait for luck to come to them are unlikely to make it very far, especially when it comes to your oral health. If you want teeth that look better, feel better, and work better, it’s time to talk smile makeovers with your Arlington dentist.

  • If you want whiter teeth, there are several cosmetic dentistry treatments that will work best for you. You may only need an easy tweak with a professional teeth whitening. Or maybe you need to conceal other cosmetic issues besides stains or discoloration – in this case, it’ll be time to talk porcelain veneers and other aesthetic upgrades.
  • If you want straight teeth, Invisalign might just be your best choice. We are all lucky this dental innovation exists and makes aligning your smile discreet, fast, and easy. No one will ever need to know you’re wearing Invisalign and you will have the freedom to remove your trays as needed. In just about a year, sometimes less, you will have a straight, healthy smile.
  • If you want to eliminate pain, your dentist needs to look at what doesn’t feel good about your smile. Do you have trouble chewing? Does your mouth hurt all the time? Do you have ongoing tooth pain? Some dental problems are acute and others are not an emergency, but they all need to be addressed with solutions like customized night guards, Invisalign, or root canal therapy, so you have a comfortable, healthy mouth.

Is a Perfect Smile a Myth?

Is there such a thing as a perfect smile? Of course! But everyone’s opinion about what perfect is will vary. To some, a gap between their front teeth is perfection that should not be messed with. To others, this characteristic needs to go away, stat. Perfection is what you make it, and all that matters when it comes to your smile makeover is your vision for yourself and your teeth.

Your dentist is dedicated to prescribing the right treatment for your oral health, and this may include cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. Be open to what’s appropriate for your dental care, and you’ll be amazed to see just how lucky you’ve gotten working with a dentist who has your best interests at heart.

Get a Smile Makeover Near Me in Arlington, TX

Dr. Alana Macalik and her team are prepared to give you the dental care you need. Every design of a perfect smile begins with a consultation with your Arlington, TX, dentist. You’ll find out what procedures you’re a perfect candidate for and can decide what treatments are right for your smile makeover. Schedule an appointment at our office today.