Make a Smile Resolution: Get Cosmetic Dentistry

smile resolution cosmetic dentistry macalik dds arlingtonTired of joining a gym then never going? Dislike starting a new diet that you can’t maintain? It’s a new decade and it’s time to make resolutions, but it’s also time to make changes you can really keep. So, this year, make your self-improvement efforts long-lasting with a smile resolution. Find out what kind of cosmetic dentistry is right for your smile makeover.

Your Many Smile Makeover Choices

The nice thing about deciding that you want to a smile makeover is that you’re not married to just one or two procedures. There are multiple options for upgrading your smile, depending on what condition your teeth are in now and where you want them to be. You have choices, depending on your budget, comfort level, and smile goals.

You’re Embarrassed by Your Dingy Teeth

Teeth whitening remains one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments for many reasons – it’s fast, it’s easy, and it works. If your tooth stains are the type that can be removed, a professional teeth-whitening treatment will get the job done so effectively your enamel will be multiple shades whiter. Some new patients are even eligible for free teeth whitening.

You Want to Fix Everything in One Swoop

If you’ve ever wished you could correct every annoyance about the appearance of your smile in one go, there’s hope – you might be a great candidate for porcelain veneers. Veneers are a major smile investment, but they are just that – an investment, a worthwhile one at that.

Veneers can conceal every complaint you have about your smile, from chips to cracks, stains to gaps, short teeth to discoloration. Just two visits to your Arlington dentist and you can have a megawatt, VIP smile that will blow every other resolution out of the water.

You Are Tired of Your Crooked or Gapped Teeth

Maybe you finally want to straighten your smile, but the last thing you want to think about is turning yourself into a metal mouth. You don’t have to, thanks to Invisalign. This cosmetic dentistry alignment method makes it possible to straighten your smile discreetly. The nearly invisible aligners are so thin and snugly fitted to your teeth that no one will ever know you’re wearing them. Plus, you take them out for every meal – so no food restrictions!

The Benefits of a Smile Resolution

You don’t have to make a resolution every year, but when you do make a resolution and successfully keep it, you can feel accomplished, better, and happier. Finally making the time to care for your smile is not only a boost to your appearance and self-esteem, it’s a boon to your overall oral health. When you love your smile and are proud of it, you’ll take care of it and be happy to show it off.

Schedule your consultation to discuss your concerns, questions, and hopes, and discover what smile upgrades are possible for you. Contact Dr. Alana Macalik in Arlington, Texas.