Have Yourself a Merry Smile Makeover

merry smile makeover arlington tx dentist

All smile makeovers are a happy occasion, especially when you pursue your best smile at the end of the year or beginning of a new decade. Now is an ideal time to start over, and your Arlington cosmetic dentist is ready to help you create a very merry smile makeover this December, January, or thereafter.

When You Want to Beautify Your Smile

When you dislike the appearance of your teeth you can change them, it’s that simple. The only question is, which cosmetic dentistry treatment is the right one for you?

Every smile makeover begins with a consultation with your dentist. You’ll have a checkup to review the condition of your oral health and the strength of your teeth. It’s essential that you be free of gum disease, decay, and infection – there is no sense building something new on a poor foundation.

Sometimes it’s your timeline that plays the biggest role – teeth-whitening, for example, can be completed in an hour. Porcelain veneers take at least two visits. Sometimes it’s your squeamishness – you want that smile makeover, but you want to spend as little time in the dentist’s chair as possible. And sometimes it’s your budget that is the top priority. There is something to fit every need.

In short – if you want a beautiful new smile, you can have it.

When It’s Time to Repair Your Teeth

Restorative dentistry solutions can seem daunting, especially if you’re embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth, or you are worried that the repairs will be painful. It’s safe to say that any dental repair, especially accompanied by sedation dentistry, will be a breeze compared to the tooth and mouth pain you’re experiencing now.

Smile makeovers take many shapes and sizes, and if you need reconstruction in addition to beautification, a blend of cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments can get the job done. After all, dental restorations are made to be attractive, not just functional, so every repair you undergo will look natural and give you a healthier and better-looking smile.

Whether you need to replace missing teeth, correct a broken tooth, or get a filling, the smile makeover you undergo will let you face the world anew, feeling proud of your new smile.

When You Need a Little Something but Don’t Know What

Are you frustrated that you get food stuck in between the same two teeth? Do you wish that one wonky tooth didn’t draw so much attention to itself? Are you wishing your yellowing teeth didn’t make you look so old?

You know you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, but you don’t know what kind of cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry is right for your needs. Even if you don’t know what changes are warranted, your Arlington dentist will.

There is a solution for every smile complaint. You can start 2020 as a stunning new version of yourself with a smile makeover that boosts your confidence and happiness – professionally, socially, personally, in all ways.

Schedule your consultation to discuss your concerns, questions, and hopes, and discover what smile upgrades are possible for you. Contact Dr. Alana Macalik in Arlington, Texas.