Need a fast fix for my crooked teeth!

I will be meeting up with some old friends at my 20-year class reunion in about six months and really want to make a good impression by finally getting my crooked teeth fixed. I’ve seen a lot of advertisements about these newer style braces that straighten teeth in a shorter amount of time. Can I really have a beautiful new smile for my reunion? — Natasha

High school reunions can be one of the most fun (and no doubt stressful) times in your life. Whether you were voted most likely to succeed or class clown, there’s no mistake that twenty years later you probably want to be remembered for something else – and why not for your dazzling smile?

There are some people who have had great success getting the smile they want in as little as six months using Invisalign, but that is not a typical case.  You should expect to plan on about a year to get results from modern braces and two years for traditional braces.  With only six months and counting, you’d be better off finding another alternative for fixing your crooked smile  – have you thought about porcelain veneers?

Any expert cosmetic dentist can give you a bright, beautiful and natural-looking smile with veneers and the good news is that no one will even suspect you had any work done.  While this may not be the ideal answer you were hoping for (and probably a little more expensive), in just a few short visits, you’ll be ready to rock a brand new smile and make an impression that will last for many years to come.

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