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Are Composite Veneers Adequate?

I’ve been looking at getting a smile makeover. It looks like composite and porcelain veneers are similar, but the composite veneers are significantly more affordable. Are they adequate for a smile makeover? Mary C. – Maine Mary, If you’re just looking for an adequate smile, then sure, you could find a cosmetic dentist who will Are Composite Veneers Adequate?

Why Are My Lumineers So Bulky?

I went to a dentist for Lumineers. He assured me he was Lumineers certified. I’m wondering if that is true. My Lumineers look very bulky. If he was certified, why do they look so bad? Kai P. – San Diego, CA Kai, The Lumineers certification doesn’t make dentists better at cosmetic dentistry. It’s just a Why Are My Lumineers So Bulky?

Lumineers Nightmare

I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars to have Lumineers done across my four front teeth. They didn’t feel right from the moment my dentist put them on, but he told me I’d adjust. Sadly, I have not been given the opportunity, because the darn things keep falling off. Seriously, not two days later after they Lumineers Nightmare