The Dangers of Slacking on Dental Care

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Dental procrastination is real, and slacking on getting the basic dental care you need is a sure way to find yourself in a position of needing emergency dental care. Many American adults are self-conscious about their teeth – but so many of them intentionally put off the dentist anyway.

Don’t Be Embarrassed About Your Oral Health

Dentists are happy to see healthy, clean smiles, but the bulk of the work they do is create beautiful smiles by upgrading and repairing problematic teeth. People go to the dentist to achieve perfection – but you don’t have to be perfect when you get there.

If you’re worried about certain features of your smile, your dentist can find a way to correct them. Some of the biggest complaints people have about their smiles that make them self-conscious are:

  • Teeth color: Through powerful teeth whitening or customized porcelain veneers, teeth color can be transformed and you can have a white, bright smile.
  • Crooked teeth: Invisalign is a powerful way to transform your teeth without anyone knowing you’re making a change. The clear trays take crooked teeth and right them in no time.
  • Overall smile: Getting a smile makeover is in the cards for so many people. Dental care is accessible, whether cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry, and everything you dislike about your teeth can be transformed.

Don’t Worry About Worry

If you’ve had a bad experience at the dentist and now have dental anxiety as a result, know that at your Arlington dentist’s office you will find only calm and comfort. Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy, pain-free, problem-free smile, and that begins by making you feel like part of the family.

Sedation dentistry for the most anxious patients or those undergoing multiple procedures at once can take the form of a pill, laughing gas, or both. These simple methods for relaxation help patients get through the work they’re having done so they can finally achieve the smile they want and enjoy a positive experience at the dentist.

Break a Bad Habit to Improve Dental Care

Many adults have not been to the dentist since the pandemic began. This was understandable in 2020, but it’s 2023 now. For almost three years, your dentist’s office has employed incredible safety protocols to keep all patients and employees safe from the coronavirus. Extra cleaning measures, extra sanitation, multiple masks, air purifiers, and virtual waiting rooms are just some of the ways patients are prioritized.

If you’re worried about what it will feel like to go to the dentist and allow someone a look at your oral health, don’t be. The dentist has always been one of the most sanitary places to go – now, it’s even cleaner and safer. A lot can happen with your oral health in three years – make sure you get the dental care you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong.

Get the Dental Care You Need in Arlington, TX

Improve your confidence. Feel better about yourself in photos. Don’t neglect your oral hygiene. Don’t be embarrassed about the condition of your teeth – just get the dental care you need now. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Macalik and her dental team to find out what kind of procedures are right for your oral health.