Tooth-Colored Fillings Fix More Than Just Cavities

tooth-colored fillings arlington tx dentist dr alana macalik

Fillings are for cavities, of course. But did you know that tooth-colored fillings can be used to repair other problems with your teeth too? Some dental restorations and cosmetic dentistry procedures can be done using composite fillings. Applying them helps prevent a dental problem from growing bigger.

Repair Damaged Teeth with Tooth-Colored Fillings

Besides tooth decay, teeth can show damage in many ways:

  • Chips: A chipped tooth could break even more, exposing more and more of the interior of the tooth and causing extreme pain.
  • Cracks: Cracked teeth may be barely noticeable, but cracks of any size are big enough to let in bacteria and food particles and cause deep infections.
  • Wear: When teeth are worn down, the enamel is weakened and susceptible to decay and other damage.
  • Stains and discoloration: Stained teeth, beyond being unsightly from the normal wear and tear of eating and drinking, could indicate a dental injury.

Problems like these may seem mostly aesthetic, and something you can just live with, but failing to address any dental deterioration as soon as possible can lead to bigger oral health problems in the future. Composite fillings eliminate discomfort, stabilize tooth structure, build teeth back up again, and fill in problem spots to reverse damage and prevent it from growing. And since white fillings match tooth enamel, your smile will look much better without any major signs that you had work done.

Fix Dental Damage with Mercury-Free Fillings in Arlington

There was a time when silver fillings were the norm for treating decay and fixing teeth, but most cavities now are filled with a composite material. Silver amalgam fillings have fallen out of favor over concerns that the mercury and other metals within the fillings are not only damaging to the teeth but give off a toxic vapor during chewing or as the filling wears.

Composite, tooth-colored fillings are mercury-free, versatile, look natural, and:

  • Bond directly to the tooth, which means less drilling and smaller fillings.
  • Preserve tooth structure, strengthen teeth, and make them less susceptible to breaking.
  • Insulate against hot and cold, minimizing sensitivity.
  • Are color-matched to every tooth, making it nearly impossible that a white filling is present.

Amalgam fillings are also a threat to the integrity of a tooth. Drinking or eating something hot can cause the metal in the filling to expand, which places a lot of strain on your tooth. Cracks and fractures can result. Many damaged teeth are often a result of the presence of a silver filling that was supposed to fix the tooth in the first place. Dental restorations should build up and enhance your teeth, not make them more likely to fall apart.

Choose White Fillings for Your Tooth Repair

Patients usually have options when it comes to dental repairs. Tooth-colored fillings are just one of them, but treatments like dental bonding can also repair a damaged tooth, depending on the depth of damage. Arlington dentist Dr. Alana Macalik will present you with all the possibilities for repairing your damaged teeth, so you can choose the best option and feel good about the repair that’s on tap for your smile. Contact her office to schedule an appointment.