Tooth Turned Ugly After Emergency Visit

Went to an emergency dentist when I chipped a tooth and my dentist was on vacation. He fixed the chip, but the tooth next to it has started turning ugly and gray. Did he do something to it?

Lorene S. – New Mexico


A graying tooth generally means a tooth is dead or dying. It’s unlikely the emergency dentist did anything to damage the tooth. Here’s why I’m saying that without hesitation or an examination.

You mentioned the tooth was chipped. I’m going on the assumption that there was some type of trauma to the tooth and that why it was chipped. It’s very likely the same trauma that chipped the tooth is the cause of the adjacent tooth turning gray.

I’m assuming he repaired the chip using dental bonding. Hopefully, the emergency dentist did some x-rays when you came in as well. Repairing the chip is only a partial treatment. Checking for trauma is equally important, if not more, important.

Follow up with your regular dentist. If immediate action is taken, you could still save the tooth.

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