Why Are My Lumineers So Bulky?

I went to a dentist for Lumineers. He assured me he was Lumineers certified. I’m wondering if that is true. My Lumineers look very bulky. If he was certified, why do they look so bad?

Kai P. – San Diego, CA


The Lumineers certification doesn’t make dentists better at cosmetic dentistry. It’s just a basic written exam on how to place them. There’s no test on their artistry. In fact, they’re often marketed to inexperienced cosmetic dentists as being easy to place.

It’s the inexperienced dentists who don’t realize that sometimes tooth preparation is needed even though the Lumineers company advertises them as no-prep veneers. That would explain the bulkiness.

There is a way to shave them down a bit and re-polish them, but it’s a highly advanced procedure. You’re likely better off having new ones placed. But, this dentist can’t fix this, even if you start from scratch with new veneers. You’ll need an expert cosmetic dentist.

Be aware that another cosmetic dentist may recommend a completely different brand. IF they’re a skilled, artistic cosmetic dentist, then they can give you a gorgeous smile and will know the best materials to use to do it. Trust their judgment. Most skilled cosmetic dentists, like Dr. Macalik, offer some type of beautiful smile guarantee.

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