Will People Know I’m Wearing Lumineers?

I’m considering getting Lumineers, but when I spoke to my dentist about it, he said it was a bad idea. He told me people can tell when I’m wearing them and will know my teeth are fake. He recommended I get porcelain crowns instead. The reasoning behind the recommendation is they cover the entire tooth so no one would know where they stopped and started. Is that accurate? I was hoping to leave my healthy tooth structure intact.

Ramona B. – Delaware


While I don’t agree with your dentist’s conclusion and recommendation, I do agree with him on one point—don’t get Lumineers.

Lumineers are simply a brand of porcelain veneers. Unfortunately, they’re a brand which puts great restrictions on the dentist. They require the dentist to use their lab. I don’t know what it is about their particular lab, but the results are less than spectacular. They tend to be bulkier and more opaque. You will not be as happy with the results as you could be.

That being said, don’t get crowns either. You’re right. There is no point in grinding down healthy tooth structure. Your dentist is recommending this because he isn’t a highly skilled cosmetic dentist.

Instead, I’m going to suggest you go to an advanced cosmetic dentist. They’ll recommend porcelain veneers for a truly stunning smile makeover.

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