Sedation Dentist in Arlington

sedation dentistry

Are you one of the many people who avoids the dental office – even for routine exams –  because of dental fear and anxiety? There is no need to be embarrassed about dental anxiety. Often it stems from a traumatic or painful dental experience as a child, and it’s a feeling you have absolutely no control over. Arlington sedation dentist, Dr. Macalik understands and sympathizes with fearful patients and will make sure you are able to receive dental treatment while feeling comfortable and completely at ease.

Relax with Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a safe, effective, way to achieve comfort and relaxation during dental procedures. Dr. Macalik uses oral conscious sedation to help you with your dental anxiety. You’ll  take a pill before the appointment, and once it takes effect, you’ll have your dental work done. Unlike being under regular anesthesia, with oral sedation:

  • You are conscious
  • You’ll be responsive enough to open and close your mouth
  • You are breathing on your own
  • Your protective reflexes are all functional
  • Some cooperation is required on your part

In some instances, patients can fight off the sedative effect. The best advice is to “let yourself go” and you will remember little, if anything, about the appointment.

Dr. Macalik can also offer sedation for patients who may not have anxiety, but simply want to have as much dental work as possible completed in a single visit. Regardless of your reason for sedation dentistry, you’ll need to arrange to have someone take you home after your appointment.

If you would like more information on Dr. Alana Macalik, sedation dentist, call our Arlington, TX office or request an appointment online.