Restorative Dentistry in Arlington

Missing teeth not only mar your smile, they create functional problems, threatening the health of your jawbone and leading to facial collapse over time. You don’t have to live with holes in your smile. Through restorative dentistry, there are many secure, durable missing teeth solutions to replace missing teeth so your smile is complete, your confidence is intact, and you look and feel great.

Affordable Dental Implants

If you wear dentures now but would do just about anything to get rid of them, snap-on dentures are the affordable way to complete your smile while reaping the benefits of permanent dental implants.

Instead of four to six implants, with snap-on dentures two implants are surgically put in place. Once your jawbone bonds to the implant and the incision area heals, dentures can be snapped onto the implants. This dental solution creates stability and eliminates the covering of the palate – a common complaint of denture wearers.

Ill-fitting dentures create soreness, slip out of place, and threaten your ability to eat and speak normally. If you’re constantly worried that you’ll be embarrassed by a denture mishap, snap-on dentures are a high-quality dental restoration that is budget friendly. Say goodbye to messy, unreliable adhesives and hello to teeth that both look and feel natural.

Dental Bridge

If you have just one or two missing teeth, a dental bridge can fill the holes without much fuss. A bridge, by definition, connects two things together – in this case, teeth. A dental bridge is customized to match your natural teeth while filling the gap left by a tooth that has been lost because of trauma, extraction, or otherwise.

A dental bridge is typically secured in place with hidden metal clasps attached to your natural teeth on either side of the gap. The clasps are then anchored by porcelain crowns to create a permanent dental solution. The durable, porcelain prosthetic tooth – customized in size, shape, and color to blend with your teeth – is fixed in place in the middle of the bridge.

By choosing a dental bridge for a restoration, you prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of place and causing tissue damage. The bridge holds your teeth in their proper positions and gives you a complete smile at the same time.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a type of long-term missing teeth solutions. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth while maintaining jawbone health and a more youthful appearance. Your smile will be complete once again with the placement of implants.

This procedure takes two visits to your Arlington dentist. The first visit is to surgically implant the restoration into the jawbone. After some weeks and months have passed and thorough healing is confirmed and the implant has fused to the jawbone, a permanent, customized, prosthetic tooth will be put in place on top of the implant.

By replacing a tooth’s root with a dental implant, the jawbone is stimulated, eliminating the chance of facial collapse. Plus, your smile is complete, beautiful, and natural-looking. You’ll never have to worry about the stability of your teeth again.

Partial Dentures

When you have several missing teeth in various spots in your mouth but don’t have an entire arch of missing teeth, partial dentures can be an effective solution. This customized appliance is created from a metal framework and plastic teeth and gum areas. The restoration is made with precision attachments or metal clasps and are snapped into place to fill the holes in your smile. Partial dentures are a less expensive option than other dental restorations and several teeth can be replaced with one appliance.

Replace Your Missing Teeth with Help from Dr. Alana Macalik

Dr. Alana Macalik is highly trained in the art of restorative dentistry and missing teeth solutions such as dental implants. She regularly performs dental restorations and implant surgeries in her Arlington, Texas office. When a case calls for it, she brings in an oral surgeon or periodontist to assist in her procedures.

If you have missing teeth and are worried about your smile and oral health, contact Dr. Macalik today to schedule a consultation and find a solution for your teeth.