Arlington Dentures


Losing some or all of your teeth – no matter your age – can be a stressful and concerning time.

Not only does it change how you see yourself, it changes the way others see you. Today, when it comes to dentures there are many options available and Dr. Macalik can help you determine what is best for you. But you may have several questions, such as:

  • Will they be comfortable?
  • Will they look like my natural teeth?
  • Can I keep eating the foods I love?
  • Will my dentures be secure and stay in place?

The answer to those questions depend mostly on the dentist you choose and the quality of the materials used. Whether you’re considering complete removable dentures or even partial dentures, a high-quality set made with no short-cuts, can give you back your beautiful smile. And the good news is that most people will not even know that they are not your natural teeth.

Can Dentures Solve All my Problems?

Even if your dentures are made of the best materials available and fit you perfectly, they will still have some limitations. They are not natural teeth so your chewing efficiency will be reduced and because they rest on movable gum tissue, they will never be completely secure and stable (even with the use of adhesives). If you understand these limitations, you will likely be happy with your decision.

However, losing all of your teeth causes other long-term affects — the most critical being shrinkage of the jawbone tissue due to mineral resorption. The condition is commonly known as facial collapse and over time, it will cause not only your face and jaw to look sunken in, but eventually your dentures will no longer fit at all.

If this is something that concerns you, Dr. Macalik can consult with you about overdentures, full dental implants or even suggest more budget-friendly implant options that will help keep your jawbone healthy and strong. By having a minimum of just two implants placed to secure your dentures, you will be making great strides toward slowing down facial collapse. Read more on our affordable dental implants page.

When considering your budget, if dentures are the best option for you right now, Dr. Macalik will strive to give you the best possible outcome and above all, she will make sure you are completely happy. To find out more about high-quality dentures in Arlington, call us or request an appointment online to schedule an examination.