Arlington Lumineers

Arlington lumineers

Many people have seen advertisements for Lumineers, and they wonder whether this type of dental veneer might be right for them. Dr. Macalik is very familiar with Lumineers, and in fact, she could create a Lumineers smile for you.

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a brand of porcelain veneers, and they are not much different from other brands. Like other veneers, Lumineers are made from a high-strength porcelain that keeps the veneers extremely thin. DURAthin and Nano are other brands of veneers that are made from this same type of strong porcelain. The different brands are similar in strength. In optical properties, however, Dr. Macalik finds the Lumineers brand to be more opaque, producing a chalky-looking, unnatural result.

It’s worth noting about Lumineers is that there is a trademark restriction in place made by the manufacturer. What this means is that the veneers have to be manufactured at a lab located in Santa Maria, California. By putting this into place, the Den-Mat Lab has eliminated many of the usual options that are available for creating custom smiles for patients. No other brand has this manufacturer restriction in place.

Choosing an Arlington Lumineers Dentist

It is important to realize that all Lumineers dentists are not created equal. There is a Lumineers certification course that teaches dentists the basics when it comes to preparing the teeth and bonding the Lumineers to the teeth. But it does not adequately provide dentists with the artistic skill that is needed for true cosmetic dentistry.

There is a real art to creating a vibrant, natural-looking smile. There is a tendency for Lumineers to look artificial and rather bulky. But when a true cosmetic dentist uses science and artistry, the result is a vibrant, natural-looking smile. Dr. Macalik is a cosmetic dentist who knows the importance of adding artistry to the science of dentistry when it comes to dental veneers.

If you are interested in finding out more about what Lumineers can do for you and your smile, we would love to schedule a complimentary consultation to answer your questions. You can visit our appointment page here to schedule a consultation to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and Arlington Lumineers.