3 Natural-Looking Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

replace missing teeth arlington tx restorative dentist
replace missing teeth arlington tx restorative dentist

Missing teeth are a major oral health problem, whether you’re missing one tooth or an entire arch of teeth. Your appearance is, of course, affected when there is a hole in your smile, but how your teeth function is also impacted. Without all your teeth, it will be harder and more uncomfortable to eat and sometimes even speak. At your Arlington, TX, dentist, there are multiple ways to replace missing teeth.

1. Dental Implants

Some adults with missing teeth avoid seeing their dentist because they fear the only solution for their problem is dentures. Not so. Depending on the condition of your mouth and jawbone, you may just be a candidate for dental implants.

Dental implants are a revolutionary tooth-loss replacement option because they are permanent. Implants are surgically placed in the jawbone, filling the space left behind by the missing tooth root. People who have a missing arch of teeth, particularly their bottom arch, may already be experiencing a compressed and shrunken look that are telltale signs of missing teeth. Dental implants keep your face shape intact.

Once dental implants have fused to the bone and been happily accepted by your mouth, prosthetic teeth are attached to the top of the implants. Voila! You have a natural-looking, long-lasting, strong, beautiful smile.

2. Dentures

Many people with missing teeth would do just about anything to avoid dentures. They may envision their grandparent’s dentures that look unnatural, slip around, and sit in a glass on the sink at night. Modern dentures have come a long way.

Snap-on dentures are an affordable way to get the benefit of dental implants without the frustrating side effects of traditional dentures. Snap-on dentures snap into place on two carefully implanted dental implants. This solution eliminates the soreness, slippage, and unreliability of conventional dentures. Your palate isn’t covered, you can eat and speak without fear of the dentures moving, and you don’t need to even think about adhesives.

Partial dentures are also an option, especially if you’re missing teeth in different spots on one arch of your mouth but are not missing an entire arch. This appliance is customized to fill in the holes in your smile using a metal framework and plastic teeth and gums. The partial denture is clicked into place and replaces several teeth at one time.

3. Dental Bridge

When you have just one or two missing teeth, a dental bridge can be created to, well, “bridge” the gap. The bridge is made of prosthetic teeth that match your natural teeth and, on either end, metal clasps. This solution is then secured in place and both ends of the bridge are anchored using porcelain crowns.

While it may seem like one missing tooth can’t possible wreak havoc on the rest of your smile, rest assured, it can. Significant spaces in your smile allow teeth to drift out of place, damaging alignment and causing tissue damage. A bridge simply stops this kind of side effect in its tracks.

Whether you have missing teeth because of extraction, gum disease, or a blow to the mouth, there are many viable options to replace the teeth. Don’t be embarrassed about the state of your oral health – make a move to fix it. Dr. Alana Macalik can fill the holes in your smile by helping you determine the best solution for your missing teeth. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get on the road to a functional, flawless, and confidence-boosting smile.