5 Tips to Manage Travel with Invisalign

travel with invisalign dr macalik arlington

Whether you are taking a five-star trip to the tropics, backpacking around Europe, road-tripping across the United States, or spending a weekend in the city, Invisalign is coming with you. It’s still necessary to wear the aligners 20 to 22 hours a day while you’re on vacation, but it’s very easy to let oral health care fall by the wayside when you’re having fun. Here are just some of the tips to help you stay in compliance.

1. Plan Your Schedule

You might be a spontaneous traveler but, when it comes to Invisalign, you must do a little planning. You’re on a hard and fast schedule for straightening your teeth and it’s critical that you wear each set of trays for the indicated amount of time and change to new trays as instructed. Don’t deviate. Even though your vacation is a time to relax and let loose, you’re still on a calendar for aligning your smile. Sticking with the rules directly impacts the success of your Invisalign.

2. Pack Properly

Because you’re paying attention to your schedule, you know when you’re going to need to switch to new trays and if that will occur while you’re out of town. Pack as many trays as needed (in your carry-on luggage if you’re flying) and pack an older set of trays too in case the aligner you’re currently wearing gets lost or broken.

3. Don’t Forget Your Case

Your Invisalign case is always your best friend but especially when you travel with Invisalign. You’re not sitting at the dinner table in your home or accidentally leaving the trays on your bathroom sink. You’re in another town, city, country, and climate – you need a safe spot for those important aligners that are transforming your smile. Keep your case in your pocket or bag and use it religiously every time you remove the aligners from your mouth.

4. Keep Up with Your Routine

Brushing and flossing properly and keeping your teeth and Invisalign trays clean are important every day, no matter where you are. Make sure you have all the oral health care tools you need with you and use them just like you would at home. Pack your Invisalign kit with toothbrush, dental floss, case, and whatever else you need and take it with you wherever you go.

5. Talk to Your Dentist About Traveling with Invisalign

If you’ll be away from your Arlington cosmetic dentist all summer, including the time when you would normally be scheduled for a checkup, talk to them about your plans. They’ll want to see you before you go, give you instructions for managing your care while you’re away, and make an appointment to see you as soon as you return.

Invisalign is a convenient and amazing orthodontic alternative that makes straightening teeth a true reality for adults and teens. You don’t have to hold back on changing your smile because of summer plans – Invisalign will fit seamlessly into them. Contact Arlington Invisalign provider Dr. Alana Macalik to schedule an appointment and learn more about Invisalign and find out if you’re a good candidate for this alternative to conventional braces.