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I’m pregnant and I have a dental emergency… what do I do?

I was eating earlier today and one of my old fillings fell out, causing some pain and sensitivity. I normally wouldn’t be too worried about it and just call my dentist, however, I just found out I am pregnant (only about 8 weeks along). I’m pretty sure this would be considered a dental emergency. Can I see a dentist while I am pregnant and if I need to have the filling replaced will anything during happen during the procedure that could be harmful to the baby? — Sadie

First of all, congratulations! Pregnancy is such an exciting time, however, it is also a very anxious time and having to add a dental emergency on top of it all can definitely be cause even more worry. The good news is that there is no harm in seeing the dentist while you are pregnant – especially for an emergency situation such as this. Be sure to let your dentist know you are pregnant, so that if they need to do an X-ray, they will take extra care to be sure that you (and your stomach) are well protected with a good lead apron and that only the images necessary are taken to limit exposure. Typically, it’s better for women to wait until the 2nd trimester to schedule a dental appointment because the second trimester into the first half of the third trimester is the safest time for dental treatment. But since you have an emergency, it’s best to call your dentist and get it taken care of. Fillings usually don’t fall out unless there is a reason, to it’s best to get it checked and replaced before any other harm is done. I’m sure if you call your obstetrician he or she will agree.

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