Missing Teeth? 5 Tips to Get Used to Restorative Dentistry

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Modern dentures are not the same as your grandparents’ dentures, and innovations in restorative dentistry have created incredible tooth replacement options that are easy to live with, clean, and manage for decades. If dentures or dental implants are in your future, be thankful for these options and find out what you can do to get used to the restorations.

1. Be Patient

When you leave your Arlington dentist with new teeth, you’ll discover that it takes a little time for your palate, cheeks, gums, and lips to get used to what’s new. One week, even one month, may not be long enough to truly adjust. These annoyances will fade and before you know it your restorative dentistry will become part of your smile.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

Whatever type of dental restoration you undergo, there will always be a transitional period when you must get used to something filling the holes in your smile. You may experience a temporary lisp or feel strange while eating. Practice singing, reading aloud, or talking, especially saying words that trip you up repeatedly, so you can get comfortable with your new appliance in place.

3. Prioritize Gum Health

Your dentures will only be as successful as the health of your gums. Some patients who have many missing teeth are in that position because of advanced gum disease. Whatever your circumstances, it’s essential to keep your gums healthy and strong so all restorations fit properly, work properly, and look natural. Brush your restorations and gums, see your Arlington dentist regularly, stay hydrated, and listen to cleaning advice from your dental team.

4. Be Open to Partial Dentures

The idea of dentures is unappealing to many people who are living with missing teeth, but it is always better to fill the holes in your smile than avoid a seemingly unpalatable restoration. Partial dentures complete your smile without any undesirable side effects. Partial dentures combined with dental implants are permanently fitted in place or removable partial dentures can be customized to replace multiple teeth at once.

5. Invest in Dental Implants

If you don’t want to experience any sort of negative denture side effects, be open to the idea of dental implants or partial dentures, which use dental implants or a dental bridge to fill in the gaps in your smile. With dental implants, both tooth root and crown are replaced, which means there are no appliances to be removed, no dentures that shift around, no unreliable adhesives.

Prioritize the Replacement of Missing Teeth

Always remember that replacing extracted, lost, or knocked out teeth is critical to maintaining good oral health. Holes in your smile are not only unsightly, they affect face shape over time. With restorative dentistry, your facial appearance can become compressed, making you look unhealthy and older than you are.

Talk to Dr. Alana Macalik and her dental team about restorative dentistry options for missing teeth and find out whether dentures, dental implants, or another type of restoration is right for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation.