2265 W. Green Oaks Blvd. Arlington, TX 76013

Scott Philo

As much as one can enjoy an emergency extraction after cracking a tooth, I enjoyed all of my interactions with Dr. Macalik and her staff.
Checking in, they called me by name, despite never having seen me before, and filling out all the “new patient” forms was all done electronically, via tablet. None of that balancing a clipboard on your knee while trying to get that cheap, corporate promo pen to work…
Dr. Macalik came out to the waiting room personally and walked me back to the exam. All the processes and procedures were performed smoothly and professionally, but they never lost any of the “human” touch. Everyone involved spoke “to me” and not “at me”, making me feel welcome and comfortable during a somewhat painful episode.
I would recommend Dr. Macalik to anyone who is seeking a consummate professional who has built a practice around a core of staff that really does seem to care about providing quality health care…emphasis on the “care”.