What to Expect on Day One of Invisalign

Invisalign day one Dr Macalik Arlington TX

The day you receive your first Invisalign trays is exciting. This is the beginning of a whole new you. This is the day when your smile finally begins to change. Though most Invisalign patients have enough enthusiasm to tolerate the ins and outs of this treatment, it’s helpful to know just what to expect on day one.

Expect Your Mouth to Feel Weird

Invisalign trays are designed to be slim, smooth, and fit snugly on the teeth. These characteristics are what make the aligners so discreet. Even so, up to now you haven’t been used to going through your daily life with a foreign object over your teeth. Things might feel bulky and uncomfortable but you will adjust quickly.

You Might Be a Little Uncomfortable

Clear braces are designed to move your teeth to new positions. This requires the movement of both tooth crowns and roots and the pressure can make you a little uncomfortable. Usually, this discomfort only sticks around for the first few days and the dull ache diminishes until you switch to a new set of trays in about two weeks which move different teeth. The pressure is normal and will fade – it also indicates that the aligners are working correctly.

Your Speech Could Be Affected

When you go from having nothing on your teeth to have clear aligners on top and bottom teeth, your speech is bound to be affected slightly. The first few days of wearing Invisalign may cause you to have a slight lisp, which is likely to draw attention to what’s going on with your smile. This side effect will pass quickly.

Removing Trays Might Be Difficult

Just as wearing Invisalign is something to get used to, so too is the removal and insertion of the trays. Your Arlington Invisalign provider and team will have plenty of suggestions to offer you for living with the aligners. What many patients discover is the beauty of an outie tool that helps you remove the trays – especially during those first few super-snug days of wear – without damaging your nails.

You Won’t Want to Eat Anything

You might be hungry, but if your teeth are aching, you’re unlikely to want to dig into a big meal the night you first get your trays. In fact, sometimes when your teeth are feeling sore, you will be more interested in having a smoothie or soft solid foods, even though you have the freedom to eat whatever you want.

Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

The important fact to keep in mind is that Invisalign is an adjustment, just like any other oral health treatment. How you look and feel about your clear trays will shift over time, but here’s the truth: If you can make it through day one of Invisalign without much trouble, every day after that will get easier. And every time you switch out your trays will be easier too. Just be patient.

Interested in finding out whether you’re a good Invisalign patient? Schedule a consultation with Invisalign and Invisalign Teen provider Dr. Alana Macalik at her Arlington, TX, cosmetic dentistry practice.