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Will veneers cause tooth decay?

I’m in the process of researching porcelain veneers vs. Lumineers. My concern, no matter which choice, is how do you prevent tooth decay when you have veneers? Wouldn’t having veneers on top of your teeth cause food to get stuck? — Amy

No matter what kind of veneers you choose, if they are done properly, food should not get stuck under them and they should look and feel just like your natural teeth. Veneers are crafted to have a very intimate fit over your natural tooth. They are bonded using a special cement that adheres your tooth to the porcelain, and because of this there should be no gap between the two. While porcelain itself is not enamel, and cannot decay, sometimes the exposed tooth structure of the veneered tooth can. In that scenario, it will be taken care of in the normal fashion. So while veneers don’t make you more prone to decay, it’s important that you keep a good oral hygiene regimen for prevention. Regular brushing and flossing as well as routine check ups with your dentist will help combat decay and cavities.

Please do your research and find a well-qualified dentist to do your veneers. Typically, a dentist who is passionate about these cases will have a portfolio of before and after pictures to show you. Make sure you ask about the difference between porcelain veneers and Lumineers. Lumineers are simply no-prep veneers. They both have positives and negatives, but most cosmetic dentists tend to lean towards porcelain veneers as they are more versatile, life-like, and have proper strength to allow appropriate contour at the gum line. Lumineers are for very specific cases, and if used improperly, can cause “ledge” like appearances at the gum line as well as chronic inflammation. So, do your homework, find a dentist you trust. When done correctly, veneers are a wonderful technique to change the shape, color and alignment of your teeth. Good luck!

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